MoonCat​Rescue ChainStation

MoonCats are an original NFT which launched in 2017 and helped pioneer on-chain generation, fair distribution, and user customization. More info...

Welcome to the MoonCatRescue ChainStation!

MoonCatRescue sprouted an amazing grass-roots community of Rescuers, Adopters, Artists, Programmers, and Enthusiasts. People rose to the challenge of reviving a mission half-finished and almost fully forgotten, and saw it through. Though ponderware initially started the MoonCatRescue mission, a wonderful community has continued to grow around it.

The MoonCatRescue team is grateful to have been welcomed into that community. Together, we hope to expand on the world of MoonCatRescue, adding content and value to the ecosystem as a whole. We hope to explore, delight, and educate in the spirit of the original contract.