MoonCatMoments are snapshots into important moments in the MoonCats lore! Each MoonCat that participates in a Moment gets one copy of the NFT, so the number of any moment can be as little as one, or as many as hundreds or even thousand of copies.

Owners of a MoonCatMoment can see a high-rez video file, as well as acquire a high-rez still purrfect for Ethereans looking to print and hang a little bit of MoonCats culture in their real-life spaces.

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Suits On for Sotheby's!

Moment #0, date: 2021.10.26, issuance: 142

MoonCats went to auction at Sotheby's for the first time on October 26, 2021; the rest of the MoonCats took a gussied-up group shot to celebrate this historic event.

Fright Night

Moment #1, date: 2021.10.31, issuance: 36

The MoonCats celebrated the spookiest of seasons by crashing the Boutique and raiding it for a huge variety of costumes! Then they settled in for a kaiju flick, starring their favourite MoonCats cast, while sipping a refreshing MoonCatPop.

Gobblers Retreat

Moment #2, date: 2021.11.25, issuance: 71

Gobbler's Retreat is a secretive old-growth glade where MoonCats gather yearly to give thanks and compare turkey recipes! Just follow the trail of feathers for a very festive evening.

Polar Party

Moment #3, date: 2021.12.31, issuance: 60

The MoonCats' annual Polar Party always concludes with a Candle Cane Cap procession to their arctic operations center. Here the Northern Lights shine brightest and are studied with utmost curiosity.

Cupid Crown

Moment #4, date: 2022.02.14, issuance: 84

Love is in the air! MoonCats love to CUDL, and in February many of them donned Cupid Crowns and sailed the tropics looking for love on the high seas. Their Love Boat ran aground on a secluded isle, but the party continued!