MoonCatMoments FAQ

What are MoonCatMoments?

An ERC721-compatible NFT collection that represents special moments/achievements in the MoonCat Ecosystem.

How do I participate in an upcoming Moment?

Each Moment is different for what the criteria are for participating. Keep an eye on the MoonCatRescue social feed and announcements in the Community Discord to know when a new Moment is being organized and how to participate.

My MoonCat’s in the picture! Where’s my token?

New MoonCatMoment are delivered directly to the MoonCats that are part of the Moment. This is done using Acclimated MoonCats’ ERC998 capability; in most wallet software they’ll show up not as owned by your wallet, but here on the ChainStation they’ll show up in your profile.

If you wish you can transfer Moments out of your MoonCat’s posession to your own wallet if you’ve signed into the ChainStation.

I missed the boat! Can I still participate?

MoonCatMoments are transferrable, so if you find someone who owns a Moment that you want, offering a trade or using NFT marketplaces is a way to acquire Moments that have already happened

What does a Moment do?

MoonCatMoments are primarily mementos; a badge of honor showing your participating in past events and tenure in the MoonCatRescue ecosystem. Different Moments may be used for random perks like raffles or events, but the primary functionality of owning a Moment is it unlocks the rights to a special animated version of the Moment, as well as a higher-resolution version of the Moment image that’s in the public metadata.

To get access to those additional perks from the Moments you own, check out your profile page and look under the “Treasures” listing.