As MoonCats are playful, fashionable, and always exploring, they’ve found plenty of costumes, toys, and other accessories in their adventures through Deep Space. This evolved to a Boutique was established on ChainStation Alpha to allow creators of such fine wares to market them to all the MoonCats.

MoonCats are able to be customized by their owner by purchasing Accessories and choosing which are active on their MoonCat. Once a MoonCat has purchased an Accessory, they keep the right to wear that accessory forever (a MoonCat’s wardrobe of available accessories goes with them, even if adopted by another owner). But they don’t have to wear all their accessories all the time; their current owner can set which are visible at any time.

Caution! This site is in early beta phase. While under construction, visit The Boutique to purchase accessories.

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