The MoonCatRescue project brought a collection of colorful, space-dwelling felines to the blockchain to be cute, playful companions, and push the boundaries of what the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technologies in general could do.

The project launched in 2017 (before even the term “NFT” was well-defined), and in the intervening years has grown to bring these virtual pets to many parts of the modern Ethereum space (a.k.a. “ChainStation Alpha”)

Adopt a MoonCat

Want a MoonCat right now? Click the button below to adopt a MoonCat right away!

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This will grab you a random MoonCat from the NFTX pool. If you prefer to pick a specific one yourself, visit that pool’s profile page, or browse across other NFT marketplaces.

MoonCat Merch

The first run of MoonCat plushies has concluded now. Keep an eye out for these adorable blue MoonCats in the real world around you now, and watch this space for the next MoonCat merch offering, currently in design...

Photograph of the Midnight MoonCat plushie; a blue, tortie-patterned, smiling MoonCatPhotograph of the Midnight MoonCat plushie; a blue, tortie-patterned, smiling MoonCat

Play With MoonCats!

Have a MoonCat of your own? Have some fun with them around ChainStation Alpha!

  • Use them as your avatar on WorldWideWebb and see them walk around the virtual world with you.
  • Let them wander around your Isotile room to greet your guests.
  • Dress them up for some fun at the Boutique to show off your personal style.
  • Learn more about the project at the MoonCatCommunity site.