MoonCatNameService FAQ

What is the MoonCatNameService?

Known as MCNS for short, the MoonCatNameService allows you to claim an ENS domain beginning with your MoonCat Mint ID AND Hex ID and ending with ismymooncat.eth!

For example, the wallet holding MoonCat #84 can be accessed at 84.ismymooncat.eth &0xff00000ca7.ismymooncat.eth in supported applications (including MetaMask & Etherscan)

What is an ENS domain?

Think of it like a website URL for the Ethereum blockchain! It maps a human-readable name to machine-readable identifier such as your ETH wallet. You can read more about the Ethereum Name Service on their website.

So... is this a real ENS domain?

You bet! Wallets and websites that recognize ENS names should detect this new one pointing at your wallet once you announce it. The only difference between this and a standard ENS name is it is locked to only be able to point to the address that holds a specific MoonCat.

Am I eligible for the MoonCatNameService?

If you own an Acclimated MoonCat, you can claim their unique ETH domain name! If your MoonCat is not yet in the official Acclimated wrapper, you can wrap it quickly here for free (just pay gas): MoonCat Acclimator

Even if you’re a late acclimator, your MoonCatNameService is free, so you can wrap today, and immediately get your new domain!

Great! I have a MoonCat in the official Acclimated Wrapper, now what?

Head to the MoonCat​NameService, connect your wallet, select which MoonCat addresses you want to claim, and click the “Announce” button. It’s free (just pay gas)

For the 96 Genesis MoonCats, you’re the pick of the litter, and your ismymooncat.eth domains have been activated already by the MoonCatRescue team (provided it is acclimated). If it was not Acclimated, when you do, you will just have to announce it.

The first time a MoonCat goes through the process, you’ll be adding that MoonCat’s ID numbers to the registry, similar to registering a .com domain! Once claimed, it will point to the address affiliated with that MoonCat.

How do I use the MoonCatNameService?

Head to the MoonCat NameService and connect your wallet with the Connect Web3 button; we currently support both MetaMask as well as WalletConnect.

Once your wallet is connected, select the MoonCats for the domains you’d like to claim — it’ll be called “announcing” on the MoonCatNameService page. You’ll need to confirm the transaction with your wallet to finalize the claim (and confirm the gas fee); once that transaction is completed, you’ll get a screen showing which domains you’ve registered!

I bought a MoonCat and it seems like the former owner claimed the ismymooncat.eth domain! Can I get it back?

Absolutely! Head to the MoonCat​NameService and connect your wallet. As the new owner, you’ll be able to trigger an updated “announcement” (a lighter-gas action than the original “claiming”) to just update the existing record to the new owner.

What is “Announcing”?

Announcing is a fancy way of saying you’re claiming an .eth domain! Right now, you can claim your ismymooncat.eth and use it for a wallet — in the neat future, we’ll also be allowing you to add text data to your ismymooncat.eth domain, so you can further customize your MoonCat’s domain! After the first announcement, subsequent announcements (if the MoonCat changes wallets) require much less gas to submit.