MoonCat #3475

MoonCat #3475 (0x006f031ab3)

This MoonCat has an identifier of 0x006f031ab3. This hexadecimal number is a bit like DNA in that it contains compressed information about this MoonCat’s basic traits (color, facing, epression, pattern, and pose). Other traits have been gleaned by this MoonCat over time, as they and their human owner leave their mark on the blockchain.

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  • Rescue Order #3475
  • Identifier 0x006f031ab3
  • Facing Right
  • Expression Pouting
  • Coat Blue Tortie
  • Pose Stalking
  • Rescue Year 2018

This MoonCat doesn’t have a name yet. It’s owner can choose to give it a name. Once a MoonCat is named, it cannot be changed, and will be part of that MoonCat’s traits forever after.

This MoonCat was rescued by 0x46F0b4...EF8d7D, and is still owned by that wallet.


This MoonCat’s litter (MoonCats who share the exact same blue color (in the 232° hue range) and pattern) has 2 MoonCats in it:



(This MoonCat)